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The easiest way to manage records with external users without giving away access to Airtable.

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How it works — in 3 steps

We help businesses build portals in 3 steps to share data from Airtable with external users without paying for extra seats. 🤫


Create your own custom portal using drag and drop blocks.


Connect data from as many bases and table as you like from Airtable.

Airtable integration


Control what your users can view, create and edit with permissions.

Create the perfect portal for your use case.

Stop wasting time building from scratch on every project. Pory comes with batteries included to help you instantly create portals with beautiful UI.

Community Portal

Everything you need to share content and manage members for a growing community.

pory customer portal

Loved by People Across the Globe

We are a brand new incubator program out of Mozilla and have made use of Pory to quickly throw up a dashboard for our Open Lab program used by over 300 participating teams.

Mozilla Builders

Trusted by over 30,000+ creators, founders & operators already building on Pory

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