About Us

👋 Hi. We're Sam and Luannie from beautiful Melbourne, Australia!

We're both Software Engineers passionate about building Pory.io to help non-technical founders validate and build startups using no-code SaaS tools.

After working with a startup who built their entire MVP using Airtable and eventually raising $1.5m, we became inspired to help others do the same. We believe at the essence of every website is a list of some sort - think AirBnB, Instagram & UberEats etc. and we want to enable you to create the same experiences using Airtable, Google Sheets or Notion as your CMS.

We're super proud to say that you can go live with a website / web app in just minutes using Pory's growing list of plug and play templates fit for any idea! For a full product overview on what's next for pory.io, check out our Roadmap 💃🏻

Outside of Pory, we enjoy using hackathons as an outlet for exploring ideas under the alias Shooting Unicorns. Our most favourite side hustle (other than Pory 😉) is a no-code algorithmic trading platform called Porysays.

Founders of pory