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Our Story

đź‘‹ Hello! We're Sam & Luannie from beautiful Melbourne, Australia

The start of Shooting Unicorns

All founders have an origin story. Ours started years ago in 2017, when we were still working in corporate as consultants. Sam had just transitioned her career into mobile development and Luannie, well she was just happy to finally finish uni and have a stable job.

At the time, the consultancy was going through an acquisition which then left us both with an abundance of time to chill on the bench. So how did we use our time? It was the perfect opportunity to build our very own useless box of course! (real photo below)

Lego useless box

Working on this silly project allowed us to be our silly selves. We bonded over cantonese culture, love for coffee and to our surprise how well our skills complimented each other. As a creative at heart, passionate about the look and feel of products, Sam focused predominantly on design. Luannie, who loves electronics and problem solving, naturally took on the mechanics of how the box worked.

It was this box (now collecting dust in Sam’s bedroom) which bonded our dreams of starting a company together and continues to symbolise the way we work together — Sam in frontend and Luannie in backend.

We became Shooting Unicorns, a brand/company/whatever it eventually evolves into that we used for housing our creations while finding a problem to solve.

Wriggles of false hope

As developers, we were great at building shiny new products using the latest technologies, but when it came to building a thriving business, we honestly had no idea what we were were doing!

Determined to have our own startup, we participated in hackathons as a springboard for testing out ideas, but the only thing we managed to validate were our technical skills. We ended up taking home over 10k in cash prizes (roughly $900 per month) and even won a trip to the U.S!

shooting unicorns travel

We continued working every night in attempt to create our “overnight success”, but needless to say it just didn’t happen. We were bouncing from idea to idea, jumping into solution mode all the time and as a result lacked clarity and passion for what we were doing.

A blessing in disguise

Fast forwarding to 2020, covid had just turned from a hoax to a global pandemic. Within the same week, nearly everyone at work was impacted, including our jobs which was made part time. We were now trapped inside our homes and became even more determined to turn our situation into an opportunity.

Reflecting on Sam’s journey as a “wantrepreneur” who actually taught herself how to code on Udemy, there seemed to be an opportunity there. We’ve personally have met so many founders along the way who have spent close to $100k building apps that got little traction. What if we could help non-technical founders build apps without code? 💡

And that’s how we embarked on our wildly ambitious, yet potentially unachievable venture to build Pory. A no-code platform using Airtable as a CMS for creators to build apps and for businesses to build internal tools.

We launched our first version of Pory in 34 days and here we are now, used by thousands of creators, operators, brands and businesses from around the world!

Oh and remember how Sam taught herself how to code? Well the co-founder of Udemy actually used Pory to create a landing page for their new start up too!

shooting unicorns travel

What a ride and this is just the start of our journey. We're super stoked for what's to come and to have you onboard with us! As always, happy building 🤙

Sam & Luannie

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