Build a Community Portal with Pory

Everything you need to share content and manage members for a growing community from Airtable.

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Membership Directory

Create a searchable directory to help members find and connect with each other.

Members-Only Pages

Create permissions to control what different users can see and do.

Make It Your Own

Customize and style your portal to match your company branding.

One Source of Truth

All actions are instantly synced to Airtable. No more requests for manually updating data!

Member Directory

Build a member directory with search and filters for your community all powered by your Airtable data. New members who sign up will be immediately synced, keeping your membership site always up to date.

member directory
member only content

Members-Only Resources

Create and share exclusive content like videos, content and perks behind a password protected members-only wall. Generate invitation links directly from Airtable and send out invitations with automations.

Personalized Member Content

Set up a simple management system on Airtable for members to keep track of things like their attendance, applications and events. Then automate your processes like invites and reminders.

personalised member content

How it works

3 easy steps to build your membership portal and connect your Airtable data.


Create your membership website the way you like using drag and drop blocks.


Connect your members and content directly from Airtable.


Decide what members can view, edit or create with groups and permissions.

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No worries! Pory is designed to play nicely with other platforms.
You can create a subdomain for your community like so

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