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30/08/2020: Embed Pory into an existing website 🔌

Embed your site into an existing website using an iframe or widget.

29/08/2020: New full screen content block 🖼

Add a full screen landing page

20/08/2020: Update API Key 👨‍🔧

Go to Account Settings to update your API key

18/08/2020: New create a site flow ✨

Finally updated our create a site process!!!
You can to play with the demo before hooking up your Airtable :)

10/08/2020: Custom font and accent color 🎨

Choose from 999 font families for your heading and paragraphs
Choose a color for your heading, paragraph and buttons :)

07/08/2020: Added coupon and support for multiple subscription plans 👩🏻‍💼

We have some pretty sweet deals happening over the next 2 weeks.
Message us for deets :)

01/08/2020: Sorting data... 😬

Yep this should have been a thing from day 1. Enough said.
Let us know which field to sort by and the order (ascending, descending)

27/07/2020: Support existing Airtables through data mapping 🔥

A lot of you amazing people already have a lot of data on Airtable which means it doesn't make sense to use our templates.
We now support data mapping, so you can hook up your own table and map your fields to our template!

22/07/2020: Expanding rows ➕

Our listing templates now has a new expanding view type option.
When a user selects an item, the row will expanding to show additional information.

19/07/2020: Style content block button and background 🎨

We're slowly getting better! You can now change the color of your button and background!

10/07/2020: Different selected view types 👀

You can now turn your modal into either a page or link depending on how much content you have.
We figured opening up a link when a user selects a record and navigating to a page for records with more content would make more sense!

05/07/2020: Add live chat to your site 💬

Seems like every site has live chat and it makes sense! We've personally answered so many questions and helped so many people through this feature.

01/07/2020: One page builder 🛠

Provide your users with more details about your product or service by adding draggable content blocks.
You can add things like a hero image, Mailchimp and Substack forms.

25/06/2020: Analytics and page links 📈🔗

Things are a little quiet for now while we're working on something big.
Meanwhile, we now have analytics integration and links to individual records for you to share.

21/06/2020: Filter enhancements

We can now filter using multiple options and a view more button will display when there are more than 12 tags.

20/06/2020: Update Base ID 🤦🏻‍♀️

If you're one of our beta users, then you'll know that there's no way to update a base ID. Our editor now has a data source view for you to easily update this and open Airtable.

14/06/2020: How to guides are here! 📖

Sorry for leaving you all in the dark. We just spent the entire weekend putting how to guides together. Check out our support page here:

How to guides

09/06/2020: Custom domain is here! 🎉

This is our most requested feature and the one we feared shipping the most. Handling money is scaaryyy!

05/06/2020: Subdomain is here! 🥳

No more sharing unfriendly urls like this one https://pory.io/5eae540e3b9cbec38e14c3e4/indeed Create your own .pory.app subdomain! It's free :)

02/06/2020: Improvements to creating a new site 👏

We totally understand that our steps for creating a site is really confusing. We've had a look and removed the step on renaming a table.

01/06/2020: Sign up using email/password 📧

You asked and we listened. We now support signing up with email and password, as well as through Google.

25/05/2020: Launched on Product Hunt 🏅

We're live! Thanks for all the support and love. You people are amazing! #4 product of the day - 650+ upvotes

22/04/2020: Initial commit 👩🏻‍💻

Finding the right idea and most importantly one that we're actually passionate about is like capturing lightning in a bottle. We set ourselves the goal to build a MVP in 1 month to validate Pory.io.

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