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25/06/2020: Analytics and page links 📈🔗

Things are a little quiet for now while we're working on something big. Meanwhile, we now have analytics integration and links to individual records for you to share.

21/06/2020: Filter enhancements

We can now filter using multiple options and a view more button will display when there are more than 12 tags.

20/06/2020: Update Base ID 🤦🏻‍♀️

If you're one of our beta users, then you'll know that there's no way to update a base ID. Our editor now has a data source view for you edit and go to Airtable.

14/06/2020: How to guides are here! 📖

Sorry for leaving you all in the dark. We just spent the entire weekend putting how to guides together. Check out our support page here:

How to guides

09/06/2020: Custom domain is here! 🎉

This is our most requested feature and the one we feared shipping the most. Handling money is scaaryyy!

05/06/2020: Subdomain is here! 🥳

No more sharing unfriendly urls like this one https://pory.io/5eae540e3b9cbec38e14c3e4/indeed Create your own .pory.app subdomain! It's free :)

02/06/2020: Improvements to creating a new site 👏

We totally understand that our steps for creating a site is really confusing. We've had a look and removed the step on renaming a table.

01/06/2020: Sign up using email/password 📧

You asked and we listened. We now support signing up with email and password, as well as through Google.

25/05/2020: Launched on Product Hunt 🏅

We're live! Thanks for all the support and love. You people are amazing! #4 product of the day - 650+ upvotes

22/04/2020: Initial commit 👩🏻‍💻

Finding the right idea and most importantly one that we're actually passionate about is like capturing lightning in a bottle. We set ourselves the goal to build a MVP in 1 month to validate Pory.io.