This article covers how to embed your website using a widget into another website like Webflow, Bubble, Squarespace & Wordpress.
  1. In the editor, click on Settings and then select the Embed option to get your widget code.
    1. notion image
  1. Go to the platform you want to embed the app into.
    1. In this article, we will be using Google sites. Paste your widget code inside:
      notion image
  1. Adjust widget and publish changes!
    1. notion image


Try the widget code yourself:

Disabling Domain Access

In some cases, your embedded app may be behind a paywall or is password protected. To prevent people from accessing your pory.app link:
  1. Enable the Embed only mode
    1. notion image


The widget does not support the concept of pages. Please use a modal instead. You can update this by:
  1. Hover over listing and click on Edit Listing
  1. Switch to Detailed View from the left sidebar