User Groups

User groups enables you to control what different types of users can view, create, edit and remove on your app. In this article, we’ll go through how you can create user groups to manage different types of end users.
For example, an employee directory may include user groups like Employees (who can edit profile, view directory, view projects) and Project Managers (Who can edit teams and project information).

Managing User Groups:

  1. Navigate to User Accounts from the sidebar
  1. Click Manage to see the detailed information of a user group
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Creating a User Group

  1. Click on Create Group
    1. notion image
  1. Enter a group name and description to help you remember what the group is for
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Managing Group Users

You can see all the users who belongs to the group in the detailed information page of a group when you clicking on Manage.
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Here you can view, add and remove users from the selected user group.
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Managing Group Permissions

The Permissions tab shows all the permissions that have been applied to the selected group. E.g. Page permissions.
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To create a page or listing permission, apply the settings from the app editor.

User Group Settings

The settings menu allows you to edit, delete and set the group as default.
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