User Accounts

The user account feature prevents the public from accessing your app and enables you to control who can view, edit and create records in your application through the use of user groups.
Users who create an account on your app can also be synced to your Airtable which makes Pory a great platform for building apps that interface with your members, customers and partners.



Getting Started

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  1. Go to User Accounts
  1. Click on Get started
Once this feature is enabled, there will be an onboarding process to guide you through setting up user accounts on your app.

1. Creating a Default Group

The first step is to create a default user group. A user group refers to a specific segment or subgroup of users who share common interests, goals, or characteristics. It is a great way for determining what different types of users can view and do in your app.
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New users who creates an account on your app will be added into this default group. We can create permission rules for this group later from the editor.

2. Creating an Onboarding Email

The second step is to create an email used for onboarding users. Users will receive this email when they sign up to your app.
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  1. Enter your reply to email. This is the email used for sending out your welcome emails and when a user needs to reset their password.
  1. Create an email subject and content for the welcome email
  1. Click next when you're ready!

3. Setting up Page Redirections

The third step is creating redirections for your app. This tells the app which page to redirect your users to based on different scenarios.
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  1. Select which page to redirect your users to after logging in.
    1. E.g. Take the user to a welcome or members only page.
  1. Select which page to redirect your users to if they are not logged in and trying to access protected content.
    1. E.g. Take the user to the log in page
  1. Select which page to redirect your users after logging out
    1. E.g. Take the user to the home page or survey form

4. Adding App Permissions

The fourth step is adding permissions to determine who can sign up on your app. By default, anyone can create an account on your app.
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That's it! Click on Save to finish the onboarding process. To help you get started, we have created your very first user using your account email for testing purposes. Try log in using magic links!

What’s Next?

Managing App Users

Go to User Accounts from the sidebar to view and manage users. Here you can view a user’s profile, account status and groups they belongs to.
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Creating Accounts

Users will now see a log in and sign up button in your live app. Note, the sign up button will be hidden if you selected the invite-only option.
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You can also edit the log in and sign up page content through the editor.
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Inviting Users

  1. Navigate to User Accounts
  1. Click on Invite Users
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  1. Enter the email addresses of people you would like to invite to your app
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