User Accounts

The user account feature prevents the public from accessing your app and enables you to control who can view, edit and create records in your application through the use of user groups. Users who create an account on your app are synced to your Airtable which makes Pory a great platform for building apps that interface with your members, customers and partners.


  • You will need an Airtable account to get started

Getting Started

Once this feature is enabled, there will be an onboarding process to help you connect your Airtable and set up user accounts. For this article, we will set up an employees directory app.

1. User Table Set Up

The first step is to connect your users table from your Airtable base.
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Preparing your users table:
  • Create a table in your Airtable base for storing users. You can also use an existing table like Employees.
  • Add a field in the table for collecting emails. Users will use this for logging into their account.
  1. Select the Airtable base that contains your Users table. E.g. Employee Directory
  1. Select your Users table E.g. Employees
  1. Select which field is used for storing your user's email.
  1. Select who can sign up. E.g. Anyone can sign up or invitation only
This is the users table used for the tutorial:
Account details (not including password) will be stored in this table when they sign up.

2. Default Group

The second step is creating a default group for our users. User groups are used to control what different types of users can view and do on your application. Creating a default group means new users will be automatically added to this account. We can create rules for this group later from the editor.
Group Name: Employees
Group Description: Employees can view and update their information
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3. User Account Page

The third step is to create a User Account page using fields from your users table. An account page allows a user to view and edit their own information. Toggle the fields to build your profile page (refer to user table above).
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You can also add records that are linked to a user via a linked record by clicking on Add linked fields. Adding linked records will generate a tab where you can also choose which fields from the record to display.
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E.g. Adding Reports to into the user account page
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4. Email Setup

The forth step is setting up email. The Reply to email is used for sending out emails for your welcome email and resetting passwords. Welcome emails are sent when your users first sign up to your platform and
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  1. Enter your reply to email. This is the email used for sending out your welcome emails and when a user needs to reset their password.
  1. Create your welcome email by filling out the email subject and email content
  1. Click next when you're ready!

5. User Flows

The final step is creating flows for your app. This tells the app which page to redirect your users based on different scenarios.
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  1. Select which page to redirect your users to after logging in.
    1. E.g. Take the user to a welcome or members only page.
  1. Select which page to redirect your users to if they are not logged in and trying to access protected content.
    1. E.g. Take the user to the log in page
  1. Select which page to redirect your users after logging out
    1. E.g. Take the user to the home page or survey form
That's it! Press next when you're ready and you'll be taken to your user profile page builder. Your app will also now show a log in and sign up button in the header.
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To help you get started, we’ve added a test user account into your users table. Try selecting the user to view as them.
notion image
We can now see the profile form by viewing as test@pory.app
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