Listing Card View

The Card View editor enables you to select fields from your table to display in your listing. To edit the card view:
  1. Hover over the listing and click on Edit Listing
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  1. Switch to the Card View tab
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Editing Fields to display

  1. Select which field from your Airtable to use for each option E.g. Name for Title
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Editing Appearance

Card styles

Update background, border and shadow style
  1. Switch to the Appearance tab from the left sidebar
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Card Layout

For grid listings, you can select how many records to display per column by:
  1. Switch to the Appearance tab from the left sidebar
  1. Select number of cards to display
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Editing Detailed View

Determine how the detailed view should look when a user selects a record. Currently supports Modal, Link, Page, Side by Side view.
  1. Switch to Detailed View tab from the left sidebar
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Editing Layout

To change the card layout to a different listing or grid option:
  1. Select Card Template tab from the left sidebar.
  1. Select a new layout
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