How to Create an Events Page with Airtable

How to

Events Page

The Events page is a place where members can view events in the community. Similar to the Members Directory. Let’s create an Events listing where members can RSVP for events.
  1. Create a form view in the Attendance table. This table is used to store all the members that are attending an event.
    1. notion image
  1. Click on share form
  1. Select embed this form on your app
    1. notion image
  1. Copy just the url part from the iframe
    1. notion image
  1. Create a new field in the Events table called RSVP and paste the form url
    1. notion image

Creating the Events Page

  1. Create a new page and call it Events
  1. Add a new section for the Events listing
  1. Hover over the listing and select Editing Listing
  1. Select Anyone for the type of listing (everyone should see the same list of events)
    1. notion image

Connecting Events Table

  1. Select the Events table and the field connected to the user to look up
    1. notion image
  1. Switch to Permissions and allow the member to view events only.
    1. notion image
  1. Switch to View Settings to use an Airtable view (optional). Tip: Create a Airtable view for upcoming events only.
  1. Switch to Filter Settings to create filters (optional)
  1. Switch to Search Settings to set up search bar (optional)
  1. Click Save and Continue

Events Listing Card View

  1. Select which fields to display for the event
  1. Click Save and Continue

Events Listing Detailed View

  1. Select the embed blocks to add an Airtable form for members to RSVP for the event
    1. notion image
  1. Select the RSVP field to display as the embed block
  1. Click Save

My Events Page

Members of the community should also be able to view all the events that they’re attending. Similar to the Events page, let’s create a listing that only displays the events that belong to a member.
  1. Follow the steps above, but select the type My Users
    1. notion image