How to Build a Membership Portal With Airtable

How to Build a Membership Portal With Airtable

This tutorial is out of date. Our team is working on it sorry!
Hey there — Welcome to our how to build series! We’ll be guiding you through step by step on how to build your very own membership site for your business or community using no-code tools. For this tutorial, we’ll be using Airtable for managing your data and Pory for building your membership app. Shall we get started?


Unicorn VC is a community for portfolio companies to network, share job openings and get access members-only content like mentors, events and deals. Here's a demo of the final product 👀

Setting Up Data

For our membership site, we will use Airtable for managing our members and content. New to Airtable? No worries, create a free account first.
Next, you can copy this free Membership Template into your Airtable account to work off or follow along as reference.

Setting Up User Accounts

Connecting your users table from Airtable will allow users to create their own account on your app and update their own information. To set up:
  1. Click on Users from the left navigation sidebar
    1. notion image
  1. Click on Set Up User Accounts

Step 1: Users Table

  1. Select a base: The based used for storing your users. E.g. VC Network
  1. Select a table: The user table in the base E.g. Members
  1. Where is the email stored?: The field for collecting emails E.g Email. This is used by the user to log in so it should be unique.
  1. Who can sign up? You can allow anyone to sign up or restrict access to invite only or users who exist in your Airtable.
    1. notion image

Step 2: Default Group

  1. Group Name: Used to identify who the user is. E.g. Members
  1. Group Description: To help you remember what this group is about
    1. notion image

Step 3: User Account Page

This is your user’s “My Account” page containing their profile and their information that’s linked to them via the field type linked records i.e. Their Company
  1. Select the fields that are editable for a user’s profile
notion image
  1. Add linked records (optional) e.g. Company. Records that are linked to the user will be displayed.
    1. notion image
  1. Select the fields that are editable by a user
    1. notion image

Step 4: Email Setup

  1. Reply to email: Users will reply to you via this email
  1. Compose email: This is sent out when a new user signs up
    1. notion image

Step 5: User Flows

User Flows determines where to take your users after an event occurs.
  1. After logging in: Home page
  1. When user is not logged in: Login page
  1. After logging out: Home page
    1. notion image

My Account Page Builder

Once you set up user accounts, you will be taken to the Account page builder.
notion image
Here you can select different user groups and view as different members to see what each user can view, create, edit and remove from your Airtable.
notion image

Adding Content

Since every community and business have different needs and requirements, we’re going to keep this guide non-sequential. This means you can pick the types of features and listings to add to your membership site and skip the ones that are not relevant.

Publishing your App!

3, 2, 1 publish! 🚀 Congrats -  you now have a working membership website!

What’s next?

  1. Give your community a free domain or;
  1. Embed your job board into an existing site or;
  1. connect a subdomain i.e. or;
  1. Connect a domain i.e.
That's it! Let us know how you go and reach out if you have any questions. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! ✨

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