This template helps you create a service marketplace site like Fiverr. Below is how the Airtable fields are mapped and displayed in the site.

Airtable fields mapped and displayed in a card.

Airtable fields mapped and displayed in a modal

Field descriptions

TitleThe title of the item. E.g. username
SubtitleThe text displayed beneath the title. E.g. Location
DescriptionA paragraph displayed inside a popup modal. E.g. A detailed description about the services provided
AvatarA round image. E.g. A display photo of who is providing the service
GalleryDisplays images in a carousel inside the popup modal. E.g. A portfolio of past projects by the service provider
PriceDisplays text on the footer of the card. E.g. The price of the service
Call To Action URLA button displayed inside a popup modal that opens a URL. E.g. A method for booking/enquiring about the service provided

How to add a record to the Service Marketplace Template

For this example, we will be adding Daredevil's services to the list.

  1. Open up your Airtable base and select the site-content table

  2. Add a new record by selecting the empty field and add data into the relevant fields

    • Title: daredevil
    • Subtitle: New York City
    • Short Description: All things legal
    • Description: "About this gig I will fight for justice and stop at nothing! The legal system is blind but not me!"
    • Call To Action URL:
  3. Lets upload an avatar for Matt. Select the Avatar field and click the +

  4. A modal will appear. Drag and drop the image into the modal and hit Upload

  5. Now, we will add a couple of pictures to the gallery. Select the Gallery field and click the + button

  6. Drag and drop the pictures into the modal and hit Upload

  7. It seems like Legal Services is not yet part of the list of filter options. We can add that by going into the Filters table, selecting Filter 1 and click the + button.

  8. Enter LegalServices into the text box that appears and click Create a new option named Legal Services

  1. For users to be able properly filter the record by service type, we need to add the Legal Services filter to its Filter 1 field.

    Add the filter to record

_Filter is now added to the record_
  1. Now that the record is all set up in Airtable, head back to your and refresh. You should see the new record!

    New record with filter selected

    Modal of new record
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