This template helps you create a networking site like LinkedIn. Below is how the Airtable fields are mapped and displayed in the site.

Airtable fields mapped and displayed on a card

Airtable fields mapped and displayed on a modal

Field descriptions

TitleThe title of the item. E.g. Name of the incubater/accelerator
SubtitleThe text displayed beneath the title. E.g. A one line summary of the incubator/accelerator
AvatarThe image of the item. E.g. Logo of the incubator/accelerator
DescriptionA paragraph displayed inside a popup modal. E.g. The detailed description about the incubator/accelerator
Call To Action URLA button displayed inside a popup modal that opens a URL. E.g. The incubator/accelerator's website

How to add a record to the Networking Template

For this example, we will be adding the accelerator "Venture Catalyst" to our cloned Networking site.

  1. Open your the cloned Airtable base and select the site-content

  2. Enter all the relevant fields

    • Title: Venture Catalyst

    • Title URL:

    • Subtitle: India's first integrated incubator

    • Description: Venture Catalysts is India’s top incubator for startups. Its integrated approach offers funding, mentorship and network of CXOs, successful founders, unicorns, deep tech product experts. It’s present across Bengaluru, Delhi NCR ,Mumbai , Lucknow, Kolkata ,Raipur, Surat, Nagpur, Jaipur, Kochi and Dubai UAE, Hong Kong globally. It invests in the range of $500K to $1Million.

    • Call To Action URL:

  1. Lets add a cover image for the accelerator. To do so, click the Avatar field and click the + button. A modal will show up

    Alternatively, you can direclty drag and drop the images to the field

  1. Drag and drop the image into the modal and click the Upload button

    Once the image is successfully uploaded, the modal will automatically close and you will see the new image in the field

  1. Next, lets update our filters by adding India to the list of options in the Mutliple select field. Open the Filters table, select the Filter 1 field and click the + button.

  1. Enter India into the search field and click Create new option named India

  2. In order for the newly added incubator to be filtered by India, we need to add that filter into the record. So in the site-content table, scroll to the Filter 1 column, select the field and click the +

  3. Enter India into the field and click Create new option named India. You will now see the new tag inside the field.

  4. Refresh your Pory site to see your newly created record!

    New record with filter selected

    Modal of new record
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