This template helps you create a gallery site like Instagram. Below is how the Airtable fields are mapped and displayed in the site.

Airtable field mapped and displayed in a card

How the fields are displayed on the site

TitleThe title of the item. E.g. Name of illustration
SubtitleThe text displayed beneath the title. E.g. Credits
GalleryDisplays images in a carousel inside the popup modal. E.g. examples of how the illustration is used
Youtube URLDisplays a video inside a gallery view inside the popup modal. E.g. A video promoting the illustration
DescriptionA paragraph displayed inside a popup modal. E.g. A detailed description about the illustration
Call To Action URLA button displayed inside a popup modal that opens a URL. E.g. A link to download the illustration

Mapping of fields in the modal to Airtable fields

How to add a record to the Gallery Template

In this example, we will be adding an entry for Miroodles

  1. In the Airtable site-content table, click on a blank row and click the + button

  2. Fill in the title, subtitle, call to action URL and description

  3. Select the Gallery column and click the +

  4. In the image upload modal, drag and drop all the image files you want to show in the carousel

  5. Click the Upload button and wait for the image upload to complete

  6. Refresh you site and you will be able to see the newly created record!

    Miroodles Record

    Miroodles Modal
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