This template helps you create an events site like Meetup or EventBrite. Below is how the Airtable fields are mapped and displayed in the site.

Airtable fields mapped and displayed in a card

Airtable fields mapped and displayed in a modal

Field descriptions

TitleThe title of the item. E.g. The name of the event
SubtitleThe text displayed beneath the title. E.g. location of event
DescriptionA paragraph displayed inside a popup modal. E.g. A detailed description about the event
GalleryDisplays images in a carousel inside the popup modal. E.g. promotional images of the event
Youtube URLDisplays a video inside a gallery view inside the popup modal. E.g. A promotional video of the event
Call To Action URLA button displayed inside a popup modal that opens a URL. E.g. A website to register for the event

How to add a record to the Events Template

In this example, we will be adding an event, DevSecCon, to our events list. We will be adding an additional filter called Online Only to demonstrate how to add filter options.

Ensure that you have correctly created a site and cloned the Airtable template

  1. In the Airtable site-content table, click on a blank row

  2. Enter the all the relevent fields. For this demonstration, I will add the following:

  1. Lets add some images to the gallery. To do so, click on the Gallery field, click on the + button. A modal should show up.

    Alternatively, you can direclty drag and drop the images to the field

  1. Drag and drop all the images you would like to add. When you are ready, click the Upload Button

  1. Lets add a new filter, Virtual Only so users can filter by virtual only events. Select the Filters table and click on the Filter 1 field

  1. For record to filter correctly, we will also need to add the filter to the Filter 1 field of the added record. Click on the field enter Virtual Only

  2. Click Create new option named Virtual Only. You will a new tag appear in the field.

  1. Refresh your Pory site to see your newly created record!

    New record with filter selected

    Modal of new record
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