This template helps you create a discovery site with upvoting functionality like Product Hunt. Below is how the Airtable fields are mapped and displayed in the site.

Airtable fields mapped and displayed in a row

Airtable fields mapped and displayed in a modal

Field descriptions

TitleThe title of the item. E.g. The product's name
SubtitleThe text displayed beneath the title. E.g. A short description of the product
LogoThe image of the item. E.g. A logo of the product's company
GalleryDisplays images in a carousel inside the popup modal. E.g. Images of the product
Youtube URLDisplays a video inside a gallery view inside the popup modal. E.g. A demo video of the product
DescriptionA paragraph displayed inside a popup modal. E.g. A detailed description of the product
Call To Action URLA button displayed inside a popup modal that opens a URL. E.g. The product's website URL
VotesThe total number of votes for the item. E.g. The number of upvotes for the product

Add a new record to the Discovery Template

In this example, we will add Behance to our list of products

  1. In the Airtable site-content table, click on a blank row and click the + button

  2. Fill in the columns title (Behance), subtitle (Behance is a social media platform owned by Adobe...)

  3. Upload a logo in the Logo column by clicking the + button

  4. In the image upload modal, drag and drop the image file and click Upload. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the image file directly onto the row

    Uploaded attachment
  5. Adding images to gallery is similar to uploading a logo except instead of uploading a single image, you can select multiple images to upload using the upload modal

    Upload multiple images
  6. Click Upload when you have selected all the images you want to upload

    Image Gallery
  7. If you have a video you want to show, add the URL to the Youtube URL column

  8. Lets add a filter option for this new record. In the Filters table, click the record in column Filter 1

  9. Click the + button, enter a Social Media and click Create a new option named Soocial Media

  1. Lets add the filter Social Media to our record. In the site-content table, scroll to the Filter 1 column

  2. Click the + button in the field and enter Social Media in the search box.

  3. Click Create a new option named Social Media

  1. Refresh your site and you will able to see the newly created record
Upload multiple images

Gallery view in modal
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