Adding custom filters

Field Descriptions

NameThe filter option to be displayed
Field NameThe name of the field from your content table e.g. site-content to filter by

Creating Filters On Pory

To add filters to your site, you will need to create a table named "Filters" on your Airtable base.

In the following example, we will add the filters for the Price/Cost field so users are able to select records that match a certain filter.

Site with the added filters

with an Airtable base that is set up like so:

Sample table we will be adding the filters to.


  1. Add a Filters table by clicking on the + button next to your tables and name the table Filters (you will already have that created if you cloned our base).

  1. Leave the first column as Name and rename the second column and Field Name. Although not mandatory, we recommend changing the field type of the Field Name to "Single select", else make sure it is a "Single line text"

  1. Let's populate the table. Fill the Name column with all the available options we want the users to filter by. In this case it is: Free, Paid, Consumer and Free Tier.

    Then, in the Field Name column, enter Price/Cost for each value. This will tell Pory that the option specified in Name is associated with the Price/Cost field in the main table.

Populated Filters table

When a user selects a filter, Pory will look for any records that contain that value in the Price/Cost field and display it.

  1. When you refresh you will see the filters appear
Site with the added filters

Note: you can repeat the same steps to add more filters

Changing filter Types

Both the filter types above are using dropdown menus. To change the type:

  1. In the site editor select the edit button that appears when you hover over the filters and scroll down to the Filters section. You will be able to select a filter type for each of your filters.

  1. Update the Filter type to tags and click Save
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