Our templates comes with two configurable filters. The list of available filters are located in the Filters table in the Airtable base whereas the display options is configured in the settings panel on Pory.

Pory currently only supports up to 2 filters, Filter 1 and Filter 2. The tablename Filters and column names cannot be renamed, doing so would cause unwanted side effects. If you intend to rename the label that appears with the filters, the setting is available in the Settings panel on


Filter type: determines how to display the filter.

Drowpdown is selected by default with the available option to select

Tags filters will be displayed on the pages tags instead of a dropdown menu

Filter 1 default text: The text to show on Filter 1

Filter 2 default text: The text displayed on Filter 2

Updating filter options

The list of filters that are displayed on your site is located in the Filters table inside the Airtable base using a Multiple select field.

  1. To add a new option to the field, click on the + that appears and enter your value. When you are done, you can either hit Enter or click Create new option name ...

  1. To add the new filter to a record, locate the row and scroll to the filters column.
  1. Refresh the page and try selecting your new filter!

Am I able to add multiple filters to a record?

Yes! Since we're using a Multiple select field, you can add as many filters to a record as you like.

Removing a filter option from a list

  1. From the Filters table in Airtable, select the field that contains the filter.
  1. When the field expands, click on the ant menu (three dots).
  1. Locate the filter option you wish to delete and click the X.

Filter Types

Both the filter's type are dropdown menus by default. Users of your site can select the filter by clicking on it and selecting from a list of options.

Using tags instead of a dropdown menu

  1. In the Content settings page, scroll down to the Search and filters section

  1. Update the Filter type to tags and click Save