Creating and embedding a Airtable form

In this section we will learn how to add a button to your content block that opens an Airtable form.

Let's start by creating an Airtable form

  1. Open your Airtable base

  2. Either use your main table or create a new table for your form submissions

  3. Open up VIEWS and create a new Form view

  1. This will create a form using the fields from your table. Modify the form's field labels (note: this will not change your field's name).

  1. When ready, click Share Form in the main tool bar and select Embed this form on your site

  1. A new window will appear. Copy the embed code on the right hand side of the page

  1. Go back to the editor on Pory and hover over the section to see the edit button

  1. Under the Button section, select Airtable and paste the embed code into the embedded form code field.

Now when you click on the button, a modal with your Airtable form will appear!

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