Adding pages and navigation links

In this section we will learn how to add pages and create navigation links on your website or web app.

Let's start by clicking on Add Page. This will open a popover to create your page

  1. Give your page a name. This is used internally E.g. About Us

  2. Give your page a path. This should begin with a forward slash / and contain no spaces. E.g. /about-us

  3. Click Add Page

That's it, your page is created. You can now build out your page by clicking on Add UI block :)

Adding navigation links

To add navigation links to your header, hover over the first section of your site/app and select edit header

This will open up a drawer to customize your site/app's header including adding a logo, navigation links or button. Select Add link to add your first navigation link.

You can add the paths to your created pages or external URLs here. In this example, we're adding the About Us page that we created.

Adding navigation button

You can also add a navigation button for important links under the Button section

Once you're done, click on Save Settings

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