Protecting your pages

In this article we will cover how to set up which pages to protect from unauthorized users and how to display different content using Airtable views. View protected page


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Navigate to the Protected Pages tab and select which pages to protect from unauthorized users.
In this example, we want to make the page Exclusive Music a members-only page.

Hiding pages from public view

Now that memberships are enabled, you may want to hide pages from the public and make them only visible to members only. You can do this by clicking on Edit Header in the site editor and ticking the hide from logged out users option.

Redirecting users to the log in page

You can also leave the links visible to the public and set up redirection rules to navigate unauthorized users to the login page when they try to access protected pages.

How to manage protected content using Airtable views

In this example, we will be using a table with a collection of royalty free music. The Exclusive field will determine which songs to make exclusive. View Airtable

Now filter your view to display records that are not exclusive only.

The two records with the green tick will now be filtered out

Now switch to the Exclusive view and apply the filter for exclusive songs only.

Your Exclusive view should now look like this with the filter applied

Now in the pory editor, click on settings located above your Airtable listing and sort your data by the exclusive Airtable view.

Your Airtable listing should now reflect your Airtable view

What's next?

Set up emails your user will receive when they become a member of your website

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