Getting started with memberships

In this article we will cover how to enable memberships on your site and protect pages to make them accessible to members only. The example will build a membership website for royalty free music where members can get access to exclusive music.


  • You will need an Airtable account to get started
  • You will need to be subscribed to our Growth plan if your account was created after March 2021

Navigate to the sites page and click on the Users button for the site you want to enable memberships for.

This will take you to the memberships settings page where you can either upgrade your plan or enable memberships. All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

We have broken up the set up process into 4 separate parts:

  • Users table
  • Protected pages
  • Welcome emails
  • Redirection Links

It may look daunting, but hopefully it will be relatively simple to set up. Feel free to contact us for help!

Setting up your users table

Go to Airtable and create a table for your users/members to be stored in when they sign up.
We recommend making the first field Email as this will always be unique and used for the username.

When you have a table for your users, select the Airtable base and table in the form. In this example, we're using the Airtable base Royalty Free Music On Soundcloud and the table called Users.

The next section will create a form for your sign up page. Add the fields you want to use from your users table. In this example we ask for Email and name, but you can also ask for other things like occupation or how they heard about your site.

Go ahead and click Save. You should now see a green tick :)

You can now check out your sign up page by going to
The fields you add will be dynamically added to the form and stored in your users table!

What's next?

Set up which pages to protect from users who are not logged in.

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