What are your available plans?



a month
Free for users who signed up during our beta period.



a month
For startups looking to use custom domains and marketing integrations.


Looking for something more custom? We are a team of passionate engineers with extensive experience building apps for both startups and corporates.

Managing Your Subscription

Subscribing to a plan

Before you can subscribe to a plan, you should have signed up for an account.

  1. Go to our Plans and Pricing page

  2. Select plan and click Start Subscription

  3. Enter your details and click Start Subscription

Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your plan any time. Once you cancel your subscription, your site will be acitve until the end of the billing period.

  1. Head over to your Account page
  2. Click the Cancel Subscription button

Your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the billing period.


If you change your mind after unsubscribing, you will be able to resubscribe before the end of the billing period. To resubscribe:

  1. Go to yoour Account by click on the user icon and selecting Account Settings
  2. In the Subscription Section click the Resubscribe Button