How to connect a custom domain to your site

When you are ready to share your site to the world, you can add a your own custom domain or create a free domain.

Add a custom domain

If you are on the paid plan, you have the ability to link your own custom domain to your site. Please allow up to 48hrs for changes to propagate.

  1. Open the Domains settings in the settings panel of your site
  1. Enter the URL of your domain in the text field

  2. Click Add custom domain

  3. When successful, information on how to point your custom domain to your site will appear.

  1. Click Done to head back to your site

Adding your Pory domain

  1. On the settings panel, click the Domains setting

  1. Enter the name of the subdomain you would like to use and click Create Domain

  1. If successful, you will be presented with the option to view your site with a public URL

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