Paper types and paper weights for place cards

A guide on choosing the right paper type and paper weight for your wedding place cards

11 July 2019

Paper types

There are many options when deciding what paper type to choose for your place cards. Below are a few examples to get you started:

Uncoated smooth matte paper

This type gives a crisp, white finish to the place cards. It’s also great because it doesn’t attract fingerprints so easily. If your place card design is one with heaps of pastel tones, uncoated smooth matte paper might be a choice to consider since this paper type is great for showing off those colours.

White felt matte paper

White felt matte paper White felt matte paper is similar to uncoated smooth matte paper in that they don’t have a glossy finish, however this type adds a bit more texture, to give a slightly rustic and organic feel.

Glossy paper

If your design is one with lots of vibrant colours then glossy paper should definitely be on your list to consider. This paper type makes colours pop and illuminates the design. A glossy finish will add sharpness to your designs as well.

Linen finish

This paper resembles the texture of linen fabric, in that it has a slightly cross hatched surface. It gives a very classy and elegant feel.

Kraft paper

If you’re looking for a rustic and almost rough feel, perhaps go for kraft cardstock.

Paper weights

Once you’ve decided on a paper type, you can start thinking about paper weights. Below are a few bits of information to get you started in the right direction:

Paper weights are commonly measured in GSM (grams per square meter). As the GSM increases, so does the heaviness of the paper. GSM numbers range from 55 GSM to 400 GSM.
To give you an idea of what certain GSM numbers mean, here are some reference points:

35-55 GSM

This range kind of feels like what a standard newspaper page would feel like

90 GSM

Think of inner magazine pages

130-250 GSM

Imagine a good quality promotional poster

180-250 GSM

This might resemble a common magazine cover

350 GSM

This is commonly what is used for business cards