Hello New Logo!

notion image
Today we’re launching a new logo as we gear up for exciting new changes in Pory.
When we started Pory in 2020, we were a solution for building interfaces on top of Airtable. We established our brand in the no-code space around this, but as time went on and our product evolved, we became much more than just an Airtable solution.
We want our brand to reflect on who we are today, our story and most importantly personality, starting with the keystone of Pory’s brand identity—The logo. We really wanted to add the “fun” into building portals which honestly sounds like a mundane and unsexy thing to build. Simply put, we want to delight our customers with a great experience and for the end result to extremely aesthetically pleasing.
I know branding is more than just a logo, but it was about time we put some thought into giving Pory a proper one. After all, it is our universal signature across every channel, and the most immediate representation of our company, people and brand.
It also takes time to build through showing up consistently with content and sharing ideas and stories that are actually memorable.
Now for the curtain reveal. P.S. I took the design so seriously, I even put together a guideline for it which you can download from the Figma community.