Your frontend solution for
building apps on top of Airtable

At Pory, we're working on a platform that brings together all your favourite tools and services to enable you to create apps at the speed of thought.

The first tool on our list is Airtable, a visual database that works like a spreadsheet, making it the perfect data source for creating data-driven websites.

To help you see our capabilities, we've put together the following list of apps to help you get a taste of what can be built:


In this example, we have a directory of growth mentors for startup. Users can sign up for an account to get access to mentors and book a time through Calendly. Other examples of directories you could create include employee, alumni or even local businesses.

Mentoring app on pory

Job board

In this example, we've created a job board listing job opportunities across a portfolio of companies. Applicants can apply through an Airtable form for the position and receive updates as the status of the job progresses. You can learn how to create your own automated job board following our tutorial and then subdomain or embeded it using a widget when you're ready.

Job board on pory


In this example, we've turned this Adobe tutorial list into a searchable and filterable listing. This makes it a lot easier for the user to go through 101 illustrations and maintainable for the author. The list is automatically updated whenever a new entry is created!

Tutorials on pory

Membership Portal

In this example, we've created a fellowship program for members to access mentors, perks, events and job listings. The memberships includes a dashboard for managing all your members, create access to members-only content and soon you will be able to charge a monthly subscription.

Membership portal on pory

Resource Hub

In this example, we've curated Airtable scripts from the community and created a resources hub. Users can also contribute by submitting to the list and buy a coffee to the maintainer of the project. Other resource hubs you can create include toolkits and onboarding information etc.

Resources on pory


In this example, we've curated a list of conferences for startups with information and a gallery of images from the event. Another example is creating a course library with embeded videos.

Events listing on pory

So there we have it! 6 examples of what you could create with Pory and Airtable as your CMS. Now it's your turn - sign up for a free account and give it a whirl today.

Founders of pory