Membership Template

Membership Template

Published October 27, 2022
Hey there — If you’re looking to create a membership website for your business or community using no-code tools — Then this Airtable template for managing your members is for you! We’ve included a number of tables in this base we think might be useful, but feel free to delete the ones that are not needed.

About Template

This template can provide the foundation for creating, managing and sharing members-only content. You can then turn your data into a members-only website or portal with Pory and start inviting your members in minutes.

Members Table

The members table contains personal information about each member’s name, email, company and photo. You can use this table for creating user accounts for your members and generating an unique invitation link to invite them to your membership website.

Portfolio Companies Table

Company information such as a description, logo, website and members who work here are managed through this table.

Mentors Table

Mentor information including name, bio, social media links, photo, skills and calendar links are managed through this table. You can also assign members to each member by using linked records to manage pairings.

Deals Table

Deals are available to members-only. Information including company, logo, summary description, type and website is managed through this table.

Events Table

Event information including name, image, details, date and booking links are managed through this table.

Jobs Table

Job opportunities from portfolio companies are linked and managed through this table. Use this table to store information like description, position, logo, status and link for applying.

Applicants Table

The applicants table keeps track of who has applied to each open position. It also has a form view used for applying for a position and is stored in the Application URL field in the Jobs table. Each URL uses a query to pre-select its position to improve the end user experience.
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