Job Board Template

Job Board Template

Published October 21, 2022
Hey there, if you’re looking to create a careers page (job board) for your business or community using no-code tools — Then this Airtable template for applicant tracking is for you!

About Template

This template can provide the foundation for your office's job recruitment process. Turn the Positions table into a job board with Pory and start receiving job applications in hours, not days.

Positions Table

These are all the job positions that are either open or closed. It is linked to the Applicants table where you can see applicants who have applied for each position.

Applicants Table

The Applicants table holds records about people applying to your job listings. Each record in the Applying for field is linked to a record in the Positions table, which holds records for the open positions and details about them.
A form view is created for this table to allow new applicants to apply outside of Airtable. The form link is then added to each position in the Positions table with a prefill query to pre-select each position.
There is a Jules’s view filters to show only applicant records that the hiring manager, Jules Harris, needs to review. Try changing the collaborator in the Hiring manager review field to somebody else to filter that record out of this view.
The Phone and Onsite interview schedule views are calendars that show when interviews are taking place. Try dragging a record to a different part of the calendar to change its date.

Interviewers Table

This table manages applicants who have progressed to the interview stage of the recruitment process. The interview stage has two types, phone and onsite.
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